With our sofa cleaning service, you will be able to enjoy this item of furniture with more comfort and safety.
We come to your home or business and leave your sofas as new.

Your home

Sofas are a key item of furniture, being an integral part of a cosy living room in any home.

They are also one of the most used items of furniture by families, friends or visitors for resting and spending time together.

Businesses and commercial spaces

As we spend a lot of time in our workplace, it is essential that it has a clean environment.

In addition, it is important that visitors are welcomed by a clean and tidy space.

Sparkling clean sofas, especially in waiting rooms, leave a good impression with those who use them.

Our sofa cleaning method

Over time, prolonged use of sofas causes them not only to lose their initial brightness, but also to gain dirt.

This being the case, it is essential that your sofas are thoroughly cleaned.

The methods, products and sterilisation techniques we use are safe for you, your family, animals, the environment and sofas.

In addition to being safe, they are effective in disinfecting sofas, leaving no residue or smell.

Our method allows for quick drying, leaving you able to enjoy your sofas immediately.

The benefits of our sofa cleaning service

  • Removal of stains and blemishes
  • We clean dirt accumulated through use
  • We remove any kind of odour
  • Quick drying
  • No residue
  • We eliminate mites, bacteria, fungi, etc.
  • Safe for people, animals and nature
  • Extends the life of your sofas

Our cleaning service is also safe for any type of sofa, whether it’s leather/leatherette, suede/velvet, fabric, textiles, cushioned, etc. Our method is effective, proven by several years of experience.

With our service, you can enjoy your sofas better in a healthier, more harmonious environment.

This being a home service, transport and waiting times are avoided, making this a very convenient option for you.

Contact us now and ask us for a quote. We will respond within 24 hours.