Our Company

With 25 years of experience in multi-service areas, our founder Nuno Mestre created Declutter based on the following principle: to innovate this area of business by offering clients a more practical, convenient, safe, and effective form of service. All within one single company.

Fully committed towards the services we provide, we to have at your disposal multiple technicians and qualified labor resources possessing vast experience and knowledge in this field of work. We offer smart and cost-effective solutions for those who need to reorganize and free-up their space. All of our services are always carried out according to the quality and safety standards that we cherish.

We seek to establish a transparent relationship with our clients, offering this way all of the necessary support through a personalized customer service. We are always at your disposal to clarify any questions and look forward to hearing from you!


Declutter’s professionalism is built on the skills gained throughout experience.

Based on our obligation towards meeting the results we set out to achieve, we offer every client a selection of premium services, in which all delegated responsibilities are carried out with full confidence.


Declutter makes use of essential qualitative and quantitative indicators for its organizational progress.

Through these indicators we are provided a in-depth knowledge of our business. By identifying the correct path, all strategical, tactical and operational decision-making actions become more assertive. With the development of such strategies, Declutter is not only able to meet the needs and expectations of its clients, but also position itself in terms of better competitiveness.


Declutter offers its clients all sorts of technical knowledge and certified methodologies.

When combined with the specifics of a establishment, and always going according to each clients expectations, these result in the conception of a solution that ensures the quality and safety of our services.



Declutter is an outstanding company. All of the services requested were delivered with the highest commitment and quality. One of the aspects that I admire the most is the personalized service that the company offers.


Mário Costa


Declutter has always been an excellent service provider, fulfilling in a sincere and efficient way all of the its commitments and deadlines, as well as providing support in all of its areas of operation.


Paula Reis

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